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Active API Integration

Grafico supports your development team directly, to build the GrafAPIRE reinsurance program analysis tool-set into your platform
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Cedents, Brokers, Reinsurers

Reinsurance buyers lean on our tools both during renewals and during the coverage period. Reinsurance underwriting and claims operations are not only automated, but enhanced
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Use-Based Pricing

No matter your scale, leverage cutting-edge tools to analyze the reinsurance coverage your team is buying, placing or underwriting. Dynamically and digitally
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Partner Benefits
Pricing Info
Tech Specs
Bullet pointDedicated Platform Integration Period
Bullet pointClear and Concise Developer Docs
Bullet pointEasy-To-Integrate Architechture
Bullet pointScalable Return on Investment
Bullet pointEmail & Phone Support Provided
Bullet pointSelf-Service Developer Portal
Platform Fee
Free Demo, then 20K
Bullet pointSchedule a Free Demo today
Bullet pointOne-time initial IP access fee
Bullet pointInvoiced in advance of service period
Service Period
0.5K monthly + 50ยข per API call
Bullet pointUsage-based pricing
Bullet pointIf no API calls in a given period, no fee
Bullet pointInvoiced monthly, in arrears
REST Architecture
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Bullet pointFront & Back-End functionality
Bullet pointJSON data format
Bullet pointHTTPS protocol (TLS 1.3)
Framework Compatible
React.js Icon Angular.js Icon Vue.js Icon
Bullet pointReact, Angular, Vue
Bullet pointVanilla JS architectures
Bullet pointReach out to discuss compatibility
Current Version
Bullet pointAvailable now
Bullet pointContact us today to get started
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Elegantly visualize and analyze complex coverage features

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Top & Drop
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LAE Capping
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Cascading Layers
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Subsequent Event
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Quickly incorporate complex coverage features into program options
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Instantly generate scaled, interactive program options during renewal period
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Run automated visual comparisons, as well as key metric comparison analysis
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Out-of-the-box responsiveness, build and access programs from any device
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